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Enjoy the existence of your baby by doing 3D 4D ultrasound.


Petal: $94 (was $104)

Floret: $94 (was $104)

Blossom: $148 (was $164)

Bloom: $261 (was $290)

Reliable Gender Reveal: $75 (was $86)

Please add tax to the above prices.




All Ultrasound Packages

  • Reliable Early Gender Reveal: from 13 weeks onwards: $75 plus tax
  • Petal Package/Early Pregnancy Ultrasound : Watching the flickering of the baby’s heart and baby’s movements in a 15-minute non-medical 2D ultrasound session and learning about baby’s heart rate. A good time for this package is from the 7th to the 12th week of pregnancy. Please note in order to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, we need to use a doppler ultrasound. We use doppler after 12 weeks of pregnancy. This package includes a printed photo and if the baby’s position is appropriate, we can do a short 3D 4D ultrasound, as well.
  • Floret Package : Gender reveal plus listening to the baby’s heartbeat and learning about the baby’s heart rate, watching the baby’s movements as well as seeing details of baby’s body for 20 minutes. This package is appropriate for 12th to 13th week of pregnancy onwards and includes a printed photo. 


3D/4D/5D Packages

  • Sprout 3D 4D 5D Ultrasound Package: Watching the baby’s face, body parts, flickering of the heart and movements, listening to heartbeat, learning about the heart rate, plus gender reveal (upon request) in 30 minutes. Cost: $130 plus tax and Includes a printed photo.


  • Blossom 3D 4D 5D Ultrasound Package: Offers all the services of the Sprout Package, but the duration is 45 minutes. Cost: $148 plus tax and includes one printed photo. Please note that when we have more time the possibility of getting better photos and videos increases.


  • Bloom 3D 4D 5D Ultrasound Package: Includes two blossom packages in different sessions in the course of the same pregnancy. cost: $261 plus tax.


  • You can add a DVD with all captured photos and videos for $10 plus tax or a USB for $20 plus tax.



    NameDuration of ScanWatching Baby’s Face and Body MovementsListening to Baby’s HeartbeatGender Reveal upon Request             Photos and VideosPrice
    Sprout30 minutes   in 3D 4D 5D         ✔        ✔  Includes one printed photo.$130
    Blossom45 minutes   in 3D 4D 5D             ✔        ✔  Includes one printed photo.$148
    BloomTwo sessions of 45 minutes   in 3D 4D 5D            ✔        ✔Includes one printed photos or a DVD of recorded photos & videos for each session$261
    Floret20 minutes         in 2D        ✔        ✔Includes one printed photo.$94
    Let us save your baby's heartbeat in our adorable teddy bears.

    Other Options

    Other Price information

    • Heartbeat-only Session: $40 plus tax                               Nothing will be more thrilling than listening to your baby’s heartbeat. This option is available only if the baby is more than 12 weeks.
    • Second 3D 4D Ultrasound session: If you have already attended one episode of scanning and decide to attend another session in the same pregnancy, you will receive a 10% of the previous package discount.
    • Teddy Bear with your baby’s recorded heartbeats in any of the packages: $35 for 8″ and $50 for 16″ teddy bear 

    Gift Card

    • Baby SonoShow 3D 4D Ultrasound Gift Cards are available for baby gender reveal and all packages. You may pay by email transfer and receive the gift card by your email shortly. 

    Please Add:

    • $20 for all photos and videos of your baby on a USB
    • $10 for all photos and videos of your baby in one DVD
    • $5 for each additional 4X6 printed photo of your baby
    • 13% HST to all above-mentioned payments

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