3D 4D Ultrasound: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is basically the same as sound waves but the frequency in ultrasound is much more than sound waves; so, we cannot hear it. An ultrasound machine simply sends these sound waves to the baby and receives the bouncing back waves and makes the images. 3D 4D pregnancy ultrasound is one of the different types of ultrasound.

Is it safe to do ultrasonography during pregnancy?
Ultrasound scan has been proved to be a safe, non-invasive, accurate and cost-effective work-up in pregnancy to monitor the health of the fetus. It has progressively become an essential obstetric tool and plays an important role in the care of every pregnant woman. Even in some specific conditions, ultrasound is used several times in pregnant women to monitor the health status of her baby.
Do I undergo a diagnostic / medical ultrasound in your center?
No, we do not perform a diagnostic medical ultrasound scan. We scan your baby based on your request.
Do I need to bring a requisition from my doctor to undergo 3D/4D ultrasound?
You do not need any requisition from your doctor.
What if you see an abnormality in my baby during 2D/3D/4D scan?
If you request, we will contact your doctor and inform him/her about the finding. We need your consent to do so.
Do I need a full bladder at the time of scan?
A full bladder is needed to scan the baby in lower gestational ages of pregnancy, but usually, 3D/4D ultrasound is done in higher gestational age that full bladder is not required.
Is there anything that I can do to enhance the clarity of my baby’s image and increase my baby’s movement?
Drinking enough amount of water during the last 48 hours before the scan may increase the amount of amniotic fluid and helps us create better images of your baby. Taking a kind of food that gives you more energy one hour before the scan may enhance baby’s movements, as well.
What is the best time to do ultrasound scan?
After week 8 of your pregnancy, at any time, you may come for an ultrasound scan. During the first trimester (from week 8 to 12 of your pregnancy), you may undergo a 2D ultrasound to listen to baby’s heart sound or see baby’s movements and growth. The best time to see the baby and to recognize the components of the face is after week 24 or 25 of your pregnancy because some fat accumulates on the baby’s face and the baby’s face will be a great pleasure to watch.
What is the best time to determine the baby’s gender?
The best and most accurate time to determine the baby’s gender is after week 18 or 20 of your pregnancy, but we have been able to reveal the baby’s gender as early as the week 13-14 of pregnancy. If the baby is a boy and in a good position, the abdominal wall is thin to average and the amniotic fluid around the baby is enough, we are able to see the baby’s gender earlier in pregnancy. If there is any doubt about the baby’s gender, we will make another appointment in 2-4 weeks to repeat the session without any charges.
What are the factors that may affect my baby’s image?
Amount of amniotic fluid, baby’s age, position of the baby’s head in the mother’s pelvis, mother’s weight/size, the direction of baby’s face and position of the placenta and umbilical cord all can affect the quality of the image.
How many people can I bring to your center at the time of scanning?
We can host around 5 people at a time.
What if you cannot determine my baby’s gender?
We will book another 15-minute appointment to determine your baby’s gender completely free of any charge within 30 days after your scan.
What should I put on during the scan?
Two-piece dresses will bring you more comfort during ultrasonography.
Will you disclose my baby’s gender even if I am not willing to?
No, we will disclose the baby’s gender just in case you ask us.
What is the best time to book my appointment?
We try to accommodate your request. We try to provide you with an appointment that is more convenient for you.
How should I pay?
You may pay by debit or cash.
I cannot attend any session during the weekdays. Is it possible to book for weekends?
Our schedule is quite flexible. We can book your appointment for evenings and/or weekends at your convenience.

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