Choosing a place to do your 3D 4D 5D ultrasound is a very important decision to make. You are spending time and money and definitely want to get the best result. This is the opportunity that happens just a couple of times in your life. In order to make a life-long memory for yourself and your family, some due diligence should be done.

Should you go to the closest place to your residence?

Not all clinics have good ultrasound machines. There are a variety of ultrasound machines that can provide different photos and videos of different qualities. The resolution of the.  machine is an important factor. Also, make sure that the machine can provide you with 5D photos and videos. In order to get the best result, take a look at the sample photos and videos on their website. Definitely, each clinic highlights the best of them on their website but still, it can give you a clue about the quality of their work. By taking a look at their gallery you can notice if they provide you with 4D or 5D photos and videos. 4D is the old version, with yellow color photos and videos. 5D is the new version, high-definition skin color ones. In our experience, almost all people prefer 5D to 4D ultrasound. 5D ultrasound doesn’t increase your expenses if the machine has the software to do it. 5D has a realistic view and shows more details in the baby’s face, arms, legs, etc. 



Should you ask about the technician who is doing your ultrasound?

This is another aspect that you should do due diligence about. The best ultrasound machine in the hands of an inexperienced and unknowledgeable technician is a real waste of resources. Getting a good 5D ultrasound requires a lot of knowledge about anatomy, physiology, and ultrasound physics.  As an example, an experienced technician knows about the necessity of enough amniotic fluid and even how to position the pregnant mother to accumulate enough fluid around the area of interest or where to apply the probe to get a better image without exposing the baby to unnecessary power. If the technician has a medical background and has been working in this field for a long time, definitely can get better results.

Another clue to pick a 3D 4D 5D ultrasound center

Take a look at the reviews and read them. Read the highest and lowest scores. By doing this you notice who is going to do your ultrasound. So, when you make your appointment, you can ask for the same person to do your ultrasound. Always keep in mind that the sonographer could have left the place and another inexperienced one has substituted her/him.

Do I need preparation to do a 3D 4D 5D ultrasound?

This is an important question that you need to ask when you are making an appointment for this kind of ultrasound. There are different instructions that you need to follow based on how far along you are. When you are making an appointment ask about the preparation. This shows you how experienced the center and the sonographer are. Don’t go by the recommendations that you take when you are doing a 2D ultrasound. 2D ultrasound can show deep in the body of the baby and is used to focus on mostly the anatomy of the baby inside the womb. 3D 4D 5D is looking at the surface of the body and needs different preparations.

Do longer ultrasounds definitely give me better results?

Not necessarily, but the quality of images is more dependent on the position of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid around the organ of interest, how active the baby is, and last but not least, how thick the abdominal wall of the mother is. In this case, when the ultrasound duration is longer, it gives us more possibility to get better images when the baby moves. All babies have sleep-wake cycles and we prefer to see the baby from different angles. This is provided when the baby moves properly. That’s why the baby’s movements are very important in doing a 3D 4D 5D ultrasound.





It is definitely worth driving hours to do your 3D 4D 5D ultrasound in a place that has a good reputation, a good ultrasound machine, and a licensed technician with the utmost medical background.