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The product of 3D ultrasound technology is a 3D Image. The movements of the baby in the womb can be captured by 4D technology as a Video. Watch below our 3D (HD live) photos and 4D videos.                                    

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Our new 3D 4D Ultrasound machine is equipped with the newer Realistic view (“HD Live”) technology as well as the ordinary view option. As a result, the quality of images is much better than the images produced by older technology. As you can can see above and compare, some of the baby images are taken by both views. Choose the view that you like more to see your baby!     

4D Video Samples:

4D Video: 28-week baby girl in the womb


4D Video: 18-week baby girl in the womb


The Factors that Affect the Quality of Baby’s 3D & 4D Images:

There are a variety of factors that can affect the quality of the baby’s photos and videos in a 3D 4D ultrasound procedure. We should keep in mind that during a 3D 4D ultrasound session we should be calm and patient. Sometimes, we may need to wait a long time without performing ultrasound till the baby changes his/her position in the womb .
In earlier weeks of pregnancy, the baby is small and there is less fat accumulated in the body and face. So, we should not expect to see chubby cheeks and fleshy extremities. In this period, we are usually able to see the whole baby’s body in one ultrasound view.
Adequate amount of amniotic fluid around the baby is needed to see the baby more clearly by ultrasound. In addition, the baby’s face may be obscured by other parts, such as placenta, umbilical cord or even baby’s hands or legs.  Although it is possible to cut these obscuring parts off the baby’s face by adjusting the ultrasound machine, the clarity of the images still may be affected and the images and videos may look blurred.
In order to get good amount of amniotic fluid around the baby’s face and body or to move the umbilical cord or placenta farther away from them, the mother may need to change her position. 
After 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is usually better to lie down on your side, mostly the left side, to avoid the pressure of enlarged uterus and obstruction of the large vessels which go to your heart and to increase blood circulation in your body and to the placenta and the baby, as well.
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